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For many OFWs, finding things to invest on is one of their aspirations so that there will come a day when their money will work for themselves. One particular asset that OFWs simply love to buy that acts as a two in one is gold jewelry – as these act not just for luxuries that you can wear, they also count as an investment in the form of gold!

This is exactly why stores like Gold Zone are perfect for OFWs as one of the most trusted 18k Gold jewelry online shopping stores in Dubai.



Bringing the world’s authentic gold to the UAE

Gold Zone prides itself in bringing designs and makes of gold products which aren’t necessarily created here in the Emirates.  “The main attraction of our online shop is we are not selling local market gold products. We do have multiple gold dealers from different countries and we are to launch most beautiful designs which are not launched yet in UAE. So 80% of our products & designs are very fresh & new,” said the company in an announcement. This allows buyers to glam up and be unique from the rest of those who also wear jewelry.

The online gold shopping store also takes pride in the fact that all of their golds are genuine and pawnable during times of dire need, making them solid, tangible investments for your future. With affordable prices in tow, shoppers can enjoy a wide range of varieties available at Gold Zone – from necklaces, brooches, pendants, earrings, rings, and a whole lot more.


100% real 18k gold

In addition, Gold Zone also affirms that all of their 18k gold products are never dyed and/or plated thus offering 100% real 18k gold that each piece of jewelry comes along with a gold authentic certificate.

The online store also offers free deliveries, cash on delivery, and has options for easy returns and easy exchange in such cases when the customer deems that they want to return their product under various circumstances.


With their ongoing success, Gold Zone continuously provides discounts, special offers and sales and also extends the success of their business to those who wish to resell.  “We are glad to open for resellers and collaborations to help them grow their wealth and investments,”  said the company in an announcement.

Interested jewelry shoppers can browse their collections including their new arrivals at www.goldzonecollection.com, contact them through 050 651 0355, email at info@goldzonecollection.com  or follow them across their social media channels at Facebook and Instagram at goldzone.dubai .